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61 icons Inazuma Eleven (10); Original Art (16); Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (14); Pokemon (12); Stock (9)

original art。
(pixiv's artist, please continue being awesome like this dfjkhsjfgjfgh!!!.)
panty and stocking with garterbelt。
(oh yessssss. they're so pretty and awesome!!!11)
no iconno icon
whopps, sorry. wrong batch. but i swear i thought they were panty and stocking! ...okay, jk jk.
panty and stocking with garterbelt。
(guys, i bet you can't guess who is my favorite pairing in this series. right? RIGHT?)
no iconno icon
(i can't wait to play this game dsahfgjkj. n and black are so adorableeee.)
(i was bored and suddenly, i made all of these. sorry for the crappy quality. all pictures come from fffound and weheartit.)
no iconno iconno icon
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notes credit isn't necessary. if i used a piece of your art and you'd like me to take the icon down, let me know and i'll gladly oblige. i hope you enjoy these. :)
p.s. happy holiday, everyone!
Tags: *icons, animanga: panty & stocking, other: original art, other: stock, videogames: inazuma eleven, videogames: pokemon
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