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61 icons ☀ Inazuma Eleven (10); Original Art (16); Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (14); Pokemon (12); Stock (9)

❚original art。
(pixiv's artist, please continue being awesome like this dfjkhsjfgjfgh!!!.)
❚panty and stocking with garterbelt。
(oh yessssss. they're so pretty and awesome!!!11)
no iconno icon
whopps, sorry. wrong batch. but i swear i thought they were panty and stocking! ...okay, jk jk.
❚panty and stocking with garterbelt。
(guys, i bet you can't guess who is my favorite pairing in this series. right? RIGHT?)
no iconno icon
(i can't wait to play this game dsahfgjkj. n and black are so adorableeee.)
(i was bored and suddenly, i made all of these. sorry for the crappy quality. all pictures come from fffound and weheartit.)
no iconno iconno icon
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notes credit isn't necessary. if i used a piece of your art and you'd like me to take the icon down, let me know and i'll gladly oblige. i hope you enjoy these. :)
p.s. happy holiday, everyone!
Tags: *icons, animanga: panty & stocking, other: original art, other: stock, videogames: inazuma eleven, videogames: pokemon
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